If you want to join the EUABC.com team, read on...

EUABC.com is building up into a multi-layered information system in various European languages. As the EU debate evolves and the European political scene changes, EUABC.com needs to be continuously updated with regular amendments and additions.

Updating is needed for each of the 22 featured languages. As such, for each language we require a local editor (or more) who can maintain a specific language site by uploading, translating and collating additional information as required.

We are therefore seeking volunteers with uploading skills and who are also proficient in EU affairs, as well as the selected language. Anyone may apply to join our team, not only EU citizens and citizens from accession and applicant countries.

Consider this as a learning experience.

So if you are a student, retired, or simply an interested person, you can contact Kevin E. Bonici (in English or Italian), or Klaus Heeger (in French or German).